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Learn to protect yourself and loved ones, because police are minutes away when seconds count.

At Urban Tactics, we teach self-defense classes that are highly influenced by Krav Maga & P.P.C.T.  Firearms Training we are U.S.C.C.A. certified instructors, and the Legal use of Self Defense. Learn from Instructors that have real life experience in fighting for their lives.

What is Krav Maga

Krav Maga is widely regarded as the best self-defense system because of its efficient, no-nonsense, tactics that emphasize instinctive movements, practical techniques, and realistic training scenarios. Krav Maga is the official hand-to-hand combat system of the Israeli Defense Forces.

What is P.P.C.T.

P.P.C.T. stands for Pressure Point Control Tactics. P.P.C.T. has a long standing reputation worldwide. It is backed by extensive research and was developed specifically to what a defense tactics program is all about. Used  by law enforcement around the word.


  • Complete Self-Defense Training Center
  • Legal use of Self-Defense
  • Kids Classes
  • Anti-Bullying Classes
  • Women’s Classes
  • Rape Defense Classes
  • Men’s Classes
  • Firearms Training
  • Basic Firearms to Advanced
  • CPL U.S.C.C.A. Instructors
  • Countering Mass Shooter Threat
  • Shooting Simulator


Self-Defense for Women

Women are sometimes faced with situations in which their assailants prey on their vulnerability. Urban Tactics has designed classes for women who want to be able to protect themselves! We teach the instinctive and simple self-defense style. It’s quickly learned and implemented even under extreme situations

What you’ll learn

Self-Defense for Men

Violence is an unfortunate reality, and men are usually the assailants and victims. At Urban Tactics, we teach the instinctive and simple self-defense style. It’s quickly learned and implemented even under extreme situations.

What you’ll learn

Self-Defense for Kids

It’s never too young to learn the basic of self defense. In a world where violence and bullying is unfortunately the norm. Let your kids grow up with confidence, pride, and awareness. Our classes are tailored for kids ages 6–12 years old.

What you’ll learn

Firearms Training

Urban Tactics teaches Basic shooting, Shooting stances, Grip, Sight alignment, Different sight pictures, point shooting, Malfunction drills, Gun Retention, Drawing from open carry, Drawing from concealed, C.P.L. classes, Advanced shooting, shooting one handed, Two handed, Right & Left handed, reloading techniques, Reloading one handed, & more!

Shooting Simulator 

Great for ALL skill levels: Shoot, Don’t shoot situations, Legal ramifications after a shooting (good or bad), situational awareness, skill enhancement drills, & Trigger control! Fun & friendly competition while SAVING MONEY!!! 

What you’ll learn

FBI statistics indicate that 1 out of every 3 coeds are sexually assaulted. Further, over 2,000 kids are reported missing every day.

Don’t be a statistic.

Check our Calendar for openings! Classes typically 1 hour long.